World of Tanks 9

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World of Tanks 9

World of Tanks is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role playing game (MMORPG). Buy and build tanks and collect and then take them to the environment in Europe.

tangkeAng get the main game is Capture the Flag battle between two teams tanks. World of Tanks has six classes tanks of light and heavy tank destroyer USSR, Germany and the United States. in battles earns experience participate, you can personalize research spend to improve your tank iNowy get.

Short,addictive battlesKailannagpasok fight, there will be a column of tanks on the field. World of Tanks game lasts 15 minutes, unless the parties earlier wins. The game is so long, how long you can survive – without re-spawning in World of Tanks.
If the tank is destroyed, you can exit the game and enter another in another tank. Still you get experience points. This helps alleviate the frustration experienced new playersOnline when given by a larger, more experienced tankThey blew up!

Serious laroMundo of tangkeay a good idea, and for the most part it was very well done. PDF to JPG 9
However, the game is very dry and harsh, and the interface is very intimidating to start. The fights are fun, but playing against a much stronger player can be annoying.

konklusyonSa some time investment, World of Tanks can be a lot of fun. We hope that before the final release of the game lepszegojest available for beginners

What bagoPinahusay graphics for maps, objectsand vehicles with textures HD

New game mode: historical battle