Tailored to your business needs. Ideal for startups, freelancers and professionals.

co-working spaces


Espaces de travail partagés




Gorahub co-working spaces are tailor made to meet your needs. We offer both shared spaces and private offices, that are available and ideal for startups, accountants, architects, freelancers and professionals. Services include unlimited Fibre Optic Internet with access to a server, a mail service with a postal address, meeting rooms, AV equipment, and more. With visually engaging and welcoming spaces, located within a historic building and connected to Gora contemporary art gallery, these offices provide a unique and specialized working environment. Gorahub features a beautifully designed common space ideal for events, meetings, and networking, while the individual working spaces challenge the notion of the typical confined office space with their dynamic workstations and full windows. Further, we gladly provide any support needed for your individual and professional success.


At Gorahub we focus on creating an environment that will foster your business. We offer a space that is quiet, private, and visually stimulating. With both shared and private offices we can perfectly accommodate individuals or small teams. Over the years we have been home to many startups and professionals who have enjoyed our facilities. Some of these companies include Oomph and Swappy, who began their start ups here and stayed until they were able to purchase their own buildings, while some of our long term tenants consist of Alice Media and Etoile web design.


Have questions? Want to find out more? Contact us at info@gorahub.com or give us a call at (514) 879-0164 for more information, and tell us a little about your business needs.