Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?

In Who’s your daddy, experience multiplayer, one player acts as the manager plays a father, and another who plays Baby. This was the purpose of my father to keep a child safe in his house the same day (which actually lasted only a few minutes). At the same time, this goal infant gripplug into the cabin, spend time swimming in the heated oven, or fall, some die and “win” in the round. Then they switch roles and players start again.

Dear, dear dear

Not much to say other than basic premise hry.Zasoby management are simple: two playersuse the left and right mouse buttons and keys WASD, to move and get to your destination. Dad moves faster, of course, but he needs it! Dad had to pull things with sloping physics, the way a child and bring home that children can not bear: bleach and batterieslying, family glass tableWaiting be crushed and broken glass production. Eating and if familyCar garage hit the wall, explode. Parents can feed the tablets and fruit to heal (no effect) … even if they turned deep green to represent their illness and injury.


Eachthe player takes his turn as the father and then as Baby, round round. This featureWhich useful and valid, given that both play very different and asymmetric. Acting Pope, of course, more difficult than when a child is born, but finished the work, Dad may get power on. Ifhe puts the battery in a smoke detector or any toy in the toy box, for example, it is likely to get the “Bat Dad”, giving yomudyvytysya over the wall. Children do not get a bonus, but not necessary: ​​they are small enough to hide when dad around, jumpsTo full bath, sheis coming!

Blast to the past

You can see how good or bad considering the game room, but your father who has good graphics. Cartoon style with the color of the earth, actually resembles The Sims or similar mid-2000s game. The proportions of the nature and texture of objects found around the house, of course,not profesional.Animatsiya most charitablyDescribed as “restless.” But it was hard not to laugh when the pope stood before the stove completely wet, and he opened his team to show Baby.

safe bet

In general, if your father who sounds like the kind of game you can enjoythis may be so. Considering how easily get the game and play as easy toStart is little risk to try. All you really need to go to each supporter (or more than one!) Copies of the relevant game and hotovnistschob get down and dirty in the heart of a country house, sowhich are both guardians and troublemakers.

Who is your father? You decide!