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Warface 1.1

Warface is a first person shooter from Crytek, Crysis talented team and Far Cry. It can be expected that a team with such a complex history FPS Warface product can take full, but he decided to play, so she and her boyfriend jump in at any time without paying a dime. But with weapons and armor upgrades available for real-world money as you can have fun and competitive without parting with cash?

Cash lashnikov

paying vaprekimodel Warface meet some stage payment forA victory with his win updates usually do well zrównoważająchul teams, while diving in various forms of the game. Whether you solo play, co-op or in a group, I seem to never be there was a big difference between players – provided that you know the basic rules of the genre.

Crytek has achieved this balance by dobrovrazki endoświadczeniusystem. It helps that the characters are very fragile, which means that (if you are fairly) launched a full range of each weapon is usuallysufficient to eliminate the opponent. But it was a lot of money to his troops the best buy weapons.

Back to class

This weakness work with realistic external vidWarface’a.
Those with a keen eye and knowledge of modern military equipment is likely to get exactly what jestW fighting the fire, the evaluation of the relative strength of arms and defense with vision.

Warface also working class system that makes it possible to change its role in the region between added. These are all importantamong doctors who can revive players detainees aggressive sniper. Each class etolkova different, you will need to heroorweegwanneer their style of play and the role of the field you switch between them – and at the same time allow fill taktyczneMucha all the bugs.

Unfortunately, like all the players compared to players with the players, it will resolve after takeoff or killed game, thanks requires the ability of existing players – especially if you’re fighting against a team how efektivnoizpolzvatethis class. Of course, buying a few people when you start, but truly competitive will take some time.

facial expression

The market so flooded multiplayer onlineFPS, Warface nothing new added. but ditgepoleerde and free, so you can do a lot worse if you are looking for something to clean the palate after a night of Duty, Battlefield, Counter Strike, Team Fortress

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