The Originals S04E13

The Originals S04E13 Full Episode

Page Originals series originating from The Vampire Diaries. A thousand years ago the family of vampires Origin promised themselves that the family is powerful and we promise to stick together forever. The ages have passed and family ties are divided. Klaus Mikaelson leading the French Quarter of New Orleans, the city his family helped build. Former protector of him, Marcel, who now control.
Elijah is Klaus to New Orleans, where they encounter a werewolf and a mighty Haleywork called Sophie. MempunyaitidakKlausIntends to respond to the protege now in force and decided to regain the city and with the power of unification his family. Waiting for her to join them, Klaus, Elijah and the wizards made an alliance to ensure that the uncomfortable original ruled New Orleans.

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