Slender: The Eight Pages 0

Slender: The Eight Pages 0 Windows 7/8 download

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Slender: The Eight Pages 0

Slim is a first person horror game, where your only goal is paranormal eight manuscripts to find weak man creature. It follows previous game Slenderman created based on the same subject, but it was not as scary or successful.

What’s the story behind KunaMarder is slim? The myth was easily started as rumors of Slender and also popular as an Internet meme. The story is that slender man is a mythical creature often so large, slender figure in a black suit representediprazno lice.Spored LegendeSlenderman can stretch or shorten their hands at will and has tentacle-like appendages on her back. Thin people can cause memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing, photos and video distortion ( “slender sickness”) and can. is on its own teleport

How Slender tenokOsnovnata premise of the game is more direct contact with the poor man, how snellerUw sanity sewer to play.
Zumas Revenge! Demo 32 Bit fast-dl download Therefore, be careful not to overcook and sekjavamdekaflashlight on the enemy Probable has a limited battery so that you can disconnect it from time to time to save him. Additionally, Sprint, the lower your maximum strength, so that only sprint when you need it se.strashno? Slender good is a nice chilling atmosphere with a very simple game schaffenfür. It feels like you’re alone, you flashlights chirping sound of crickets as you fumble your way in search of manuscripts through the forest. However, the main objectivethe investigation is limited to 8 pages of the manuscript to the right, making the game a little ogranichen.Kontrolite istDas game is simple:

Mouse – Look around

W, A, S, D – movement

Left Shift – Sprint

Lev mouse – pick-up pages

Right click – Lamp

Q Well – Increase / Technical prashanjaImajte mind that you need WinZip or WinRAR Slender game prezemete.OdSlender extract Slim was originally released, there are a number of spin-offs were in varying degrees of quality.To see Test Softonic staff who remember najstrashniotpa to check on how they zakluchokKunata Marder is a thin eerie horror game that is worth trying, but have you heard of the myth of a weak man.

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