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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

popular Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Konami football game of the Windows version. PES 2013 will look very similar to the 2012 Pro Football Evoultion Despite the improved gameplay and graphic design includes a few subtle changes.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 over the previous version of the manual, it is more suitable as a football simulation, arcade-style, but there are elements of PES 2012Sommige steps seem to be inspired be the major arrenhein FIFA 12, not ‘ is a bad thing.


ondsystemrestrictive of PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 management on upgrading the developer Konami for the new system, PES FullControl call. A new dynamic first touch function, which can have a ball with the R2 button for controlling head trapom direct the ball.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 passing hand, and eskaintzendago shooting hand in the game, change for the first time, the height and power of the individual. FullControl also improves dribbling, arafachcyflymder players and players to add the different stylesto their close control button R2.

The system provides FullControl Pro Evolution Soccer2013 in manual control tweaks definitely improved gameplay experience, fans will experience PES delight. It will, however, beginners can still play the game without raising and izanarazo.

The strategy on the screen, it is not added in the previous version – and is still feeling a little puny. In-gêmnewidiadau in the strategy, they have, in fact, is a trainer in a boxin the corner yelling instructions to call him skermjy much cooler.

A few plays for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is very easy to score. For example, you can still atzeanahaleginik defense with balls long / with a combination of chips.


“PlayerID called by the developer system – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 players gelykenisseverbetering, so the game is seiliedigy players to act as their counterparts real life. Celebrity players will run, turn, step, movethe ball, and even four, if they do in real life.

Hobetoare FIFA 12. The graphics are great Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 as a whole, the presentation package and black shoes – both parables player, watching a football game PES 2013, we are closer to reality isvir more information.

Unfortunately, the Pro Evolution Soccer player animation 2013 anghysonmewn places. Turn on the way players feel clunky and throw out ridiculous unrealistic and lead to excessive and jerky.In fact, the alleged improvements to the previous version goalkeepers seem to work at all – actually looks goalies disastrous if gehiagoInoiz!

Pro Evolution Soccer Player Impact engine 2013Die very impressive; how many players hang out together and how your organization (freedom), you will see the effect. But it still runs behind the engine FIFA in size the collision animations.


rhaihynny disappointed would be somewhat quietly madeThe changes in the PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, but has not improved ugarijokoan.

ProEvolution Soccer 2013 is a high-quality look great football sim, and now provides more control than ever to play for you.