My Family Tree 6

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My Family Tree 6

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Before an application that allows small but relatively powerful import and edit and make your family tree and displayed in a graphical format convenience, and download My Family Tree you always want on our website, go to the full article.
My Family Tree 6

In making the information that you can add a picture of a family member, giving his name and surname, date of birth and death, if necessary, add summary. Ngproseso in the end, you can exporttree and share it with your friends.

One of the advantages of My Family Tree include support for time-use data vizualizaytsii scrolling, online help, you can keep your data safe with password, if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen, there is a method show pedigree of the slide files are stored and processed, you can add links to research (eeMae have known relationship or if you are referring to several documents), you can transfer your track down how pamilyasaUsing the Google Earth service.

In all my family tree I liked, easy to use program to use An attractive interface, with enhanced features, you do not need the money, only need to install the . Free Data Recovery 5 NET Framework version, I think the modern system that would be no problem.

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