Microsoft NET Framework RC 4

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Microsoft NET Framework RC 4

Free .NET Framework world’s leading software developer Microsoft allows users to create web, desktop and mobile applications designed to function on Windows mobile devices, desktops and servers, and it is also included in the package Visual Studio. development canto a worldwide audience of this framework programs reach nearly a quarter billion users across a wide range of Windows devices such as desktop, mobile, Surface Hub, Holo lens iXbox.

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Microsoft .NET Framework is consistent and comprehensivedevelopment model for programmingto simulate the lines of communication and the ability to provide an abundance of processes related to business. It provides a significant improvement needs as CLR (Common Language Runtime) and key BCL (Base Class Library), new memory mapped files and numerichkividovi,series of exciting innovations in Visual Basic and C # programming language, and support for touch features of Windows, multi-touch functions, control bar, taskbar extension location and area SK. WFC data servicesis a key component of the framework that the creation of representativeState Transfer (REST) ​​based services and applications that use open protocols data (O data) to digest and data online is simply easier for the user.

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Currently there are a total of 5 repetitions of the frame, spesifiekNET Framework4, .NET Framework, supported by SP1 (Service Pack 1) is accompanied service pack that repetition. .NET Framework version is supported by SP2 (Service Pack 2), followed by the .NETFramework, turned into SP1 and the .NET Framework, which is also supported by SP1. It is possible that multiple versionsframe .NETinstaliran and co-existing on the same machine, without loss of function. In most cases, you can use ofthe latest iteration lay the framework for programs created with earlier versions of NET run. Latest .NET Framework 4 does not automatically resume previouslyinstalled, older programs. These programs require a specific .NET Framework they are directed to the target pre-installed,unless the investor file konfiguracijaopremeni to assign youth to operate the .NET Framework version 4.

To increase the number of programs somgebruikframework and function of Windows Update requires that users install the latest version, which makes it mandatory for developers and casual users. Sometimes users may be affected by problems with the installation, upgrades and re-installing the program. correctionMicrosoft provides free available simnuvanjeramka the .NET fully optimized, and fully able to keepup with the developers and hectic digital and live internet users of Windows.