L A Noire full game PC

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L A Noire full game PC

Windows games: Full Game: Angleščina

A game;

Plague is an action adventure game from third person perspective neo noir crime.

Cases Plaiers intact – linear mission alikuip set – to highlight the story.

Features of the game, players can freely roam the open world.
SketchUp Pro 2017
In this mode, playerscan participate in the activities of your choice.

They remove the landmarks; they are all in accordance with the truths achievements in svetuveliki number of options in 1940 Los Angeles.

spelacciditLos Angeles, a city in 1947 and the last players take on the role of the Los Angeles Department officer and laterDetective Phelps Aug.

The game begins with Phelps in a uniformed patrolman follows that the amount given to the police department office (office) traffic, murder, arson and services.

Each office will give players a new partner Phelps in many cases, the research is basedposebanoblik on crime will help.

In cases where a team game assignsoportet;



OS; Windows 7 / Windows Vista Service Pack 1 / Windows XP Service Pack 3

Intel processors with Intel Quad

Intel ® Pentium ® Street, UT, Intel ® Pentium ® Dual Core, Quad Core,


Hard disk: 16GB

Graphics: 512 MB GeForce GT (8) 600 Radeon HD 3000 or GeForce GTX 580 1536MB AMD 512 (6) 850 1024MB


This version of the game is already napukao- just install and play.

More information will be supported in future updates

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Installation Ente;

Download the message

-open (executable file)

– Select a place;

– click for installation;

– Vaiting

– desktop game is short.

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