Collide 2016

Collide 2016 Free watch full online

Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult) agreed to confiscate cocaine load for master length (Ben Kingsley) in exchange for money to pay for his girlfriend (Felicity Jones) is Juliette transfer. Unfortunately, the drugs belonged to Hagen Kahl (Anthony Hopkins), which Germany’s most powerful kingpin. Kahl seeks revenge by kidnapping and sent goons after Juliette Stein. Casey now have to race against time in terdesakcuba to save the woman he loves.
Donald Cried 2016

topay (Jones) kasintahanhabang medical emergencies abroad, Plano Casey (Hoult) to manufacture a drug robbery mysterious gangster (Kingsley). My Scientology Movie 2015 full watch online
After an unsuccessful attempt, it starts all over Europe in the hunt who have little time to save his girlfriend from being taken over by evil Medellin (Hopkins).