AVG AntiVirus Free 17

AVG AntiVirus Free 17 32 Bit Free Download

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AVG AntiVirus Free 17

AVG AntiVirus Free – One of the best antivirus on the market. He is strong, has many features and is user friendly.

Full Antivirus has many features

AVG AntiVirus Free – is a powerful anti-virus, a key instrument schütztIhren computer against viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits and other spyware when surfing the Internet or email transfer.

Scanning mechanism works quickly and efficiently, and vypolnyayutsyaezhednevno updates. Scan speed wardurchisangreduced system priority, which optimizes the use of resources: The scanning process is placed on high priority when you’re away from your computer, and a low priority when you use it.

AVG AntiVirus Free, you can scan and analyze early plans anti-virus so, what parts of the system you choose, and some tests run to detect rootkits.

AVG AntiVirus Free includes LinkScanner, which checks bezopasnostSaytyyou visit, including rinMga links to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Game mode, you can disable the update and / or routine inspections, so that when you play a video game, you do not lag or frame rate reduction have.

preventing AVG schütztIhre privacy of data theft. http://housesitters.me/2017/03/need-for-speed-underground-2-free-download/ It analyzes the behavior of the software installed and blocks any suspicious activity.

AVG AntiVirus Free also includes a File Shredder utility tool filespermanentelöschenvon your computer.

The modern style and very comfortable

AVG AntiVirus Free – very comfortable, perfect forfirst user. On the other hand, experienced users should fully configure antivirus software because of its expanded functions. Zuma Deluxe 1

The interface has an elegant design and modern style, reminiscent paid on Windows 8 the difference from the Internet security versieyI

Unlike the free version contains premium version of AVGAntivirusOnline Shield, the schütztSie from malicious downloads and data safe, which encrypts your personal files with a password. Along with these features include Internet Security also a firewall and a spam filter for your e-mail.

Secure protection of your computer

AVGAntivirus Free – is a high quality anti-virus. His dvigatelYavlyaetsya one of the best in the industry, with Avast! Or Avira. Differenttools to protect your computer from threats atkanyang low resource consumption and excellent scanning speed make it very convenient to, fürMenschen especially on older computers.