Alien: Covenant 2017

Alien: Covenant 2017 English Watch Full

Stranger: CovenantDie Pact crew colony ship seeking a distant planet on the other side of the galaxy. Upon arrival, the place seems to be unknown paradise, but it’s dark and dangerous world, and the only surviving resident David condemned Prometheus expedition.


Classification: 18

SevkupnoDatumRelease my 10 2017

Genre: Action / Fantasy / Thriller

3 hours 2 minutes

Distribution: 20th Century Fox

Starring: Maykl Fassbender, Numi Rapas, Billi Krudap, Denni Makbrayd, Demin Bichir

Director: Ridli Skott

Type: 2D

Crew Pact colony, which is sent to a distant planet across the galaxy, I learned that theyI think that this is an unknown paradise. If they detect a threat to their imagination addition, they should try terrible flight. The crew colonies pact tied to the far side of the galaxy planetsez other, they found that they think dekanekoja unknown paradise, but in factthey discover a threat to their imagination in the dark, dangerous Welt.Wenn, try a horrible flight

Tied to a distant planet on the other side of the galaxy, the members (Catherine Uoterston, Billi Kradap) of the Covenant ship the colonies know what they think, which are undiscovered paradise. There will meet David (Maykl Fassbender),sintetychnyyaTyya survivors condemned Prometheus expedition. Mysterious world will soon be dark and dangerous, if the enemy alien life form causes the team in a deadly fight for survival.