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Adobe Audition CC 2014

Adobe Audition started life as a simple audio editing program called Cool Edit Pro for Adobe saw that the big money in software for creating music.

Record set professional

Adobe Audition is a studio recording of the song with all the sophistication you would expect in a possible proizvodiAdobeVyWe have to start hanging out in the technical jargon. After the initial installation of Adobe Audition to find the audio formats supported by the hard drive, but the kind of file you want pridruzhat.Vo Otherwise, the program will check for any audio file on your hard disk sensuvash AdobeAudition library would be mixed disorder.
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Adobe Audition interface is simple. Each window is separated by tabs, to save documents, effective, Mixer main parts and easy to repair. If you want a layout that provide an alternative to Adobe to unlock panelyakaya allows removaland move these windows goals navashiot choice. You can keep updated templates that work on the type of project we are doing.
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To describe all possible reshenijaAdobe Audition will go into the technical elements of the audio compression maechatyry basic ways to cope with. The first display formwave waveform image. Secondly, frekvencijataSpektralen image display frequency range of colors. There is no reasonable certainty, but, of course, the waves will not be blocked. Production of stereo sound, put on public aglyadSpectral Pan and Spectral Phase Display to get the stereo zvukSinhronizirajtecomplete.

Simple cut and editing posts

Adobe Audition real solution is performed using the time-honored cut and paste to work with audio and video montazha.Mozhete only to point and change the yin, while his voice properly. But the program is more advanced than itsmodel can detect the rhythm and set the entry and exit points for him.

Using this feature, though, you need to take a long time to learn how to use the guide (yakoena Fortunately, clearly and in detail.) You can also use this function to a relatively newthe field to edit the call that the frequency of the solution space means that you can change the frequency of certain sounds and not a ripple in celina.Se course, there are tons efektyVy can apply sound is distorted ton bending confusion with a certain frequency.

The Adobe suite of products, Adobe Audition is part ofCreative Cloud gives you work offline in your creation. Print majority, Adobe also improved multitrack editing, adding effects and palyapshenneZnizhenne shumot.Isto also recently added a tool for editing plus support for VSTi virtual instruments and native environmentsupport. Suitable for determining the path has been updated to save time and maintain consistency soMultitrack see clip grupovku.Adsyul you can cut and are much easier. You can also save images in batch mode as separate documents, websites and othertemplate filename.

Note that korisnikotAdobe Audition, you must have a sound card beautiful. for MIDI vdelnikavpadtrymka, Adobe Audition does not offer a lot in this field and in many user reports, this is one aspect of a large part of the intricate configuration.

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Adobe Audition is a very advanced program designed for those who are serious about vytvorchastsiguk. If you are looking for a simple audio editor, it is too advanced and only leave you disappointed. If you want to take the first step in several professionalediting, Adobe is widely guide to help make sure that you atrymaetsePeravaga rich and complex.


Key Update zaAdobe Audition tweaked to improve the functionality and efficiency of video editing. Refined user interface now supports HiDPI, supportsvideo formats to expand and improve speech volume.

inshypalyapshenne podobruvanjaVkluchete performance video, Soundbooth® documents, and adding support for iXML.